The Pregnancy Help Center opened its doors in July 1986, It was founded by a group of concerned citizens in the Fort Worth community who saw a need to provide information and counsel to women experiencing unplanned pregnancies. Today, the PHC ministers to the whole woman, her children and her family. Through our various programs, PHC endeavors to meet the physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs of the women in our community.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Winter 2012 Newsletter

Notes from the Director
Our annual Banquet, in October, was a great success and I would like to thank everyone who supported us.
Polly Isinghood, Chet McDoniel and his father
 McDoniel, our guest speaker, shared one of the most inspirational messages I have heard. Even born without arms and with shortened legs, he nevertheless, leads a very active and productive life.  He said, “Focus on what God can do, not what you cannot do. What can you do to serve the Lord? We have been put here to glorify His name.”  He made one statement that really got my attention. “If my parents had aborted me I would not have had my two little girls. There would not have been the next generation for us.” I then realized, for the first time, the magnitude of the number of people that are not alive today due to abortion. For instance, if I had been aborted, twelve other people would not be in the world right now to be productive and serve God, and that number continues to grow. I realized even more the atrocity of terminating the life of the unborn. Not only have we lost millions of babies through abortion, but also children that would have been born to those young men and women had they lived.
I have always shared with a woman contemplating an abortion that God has a plan for her baby, but now I will help her to understand that she will not only be saving her baby but a future generation. Like Chet, I am so glad my parents chose to have me. I love my children and grandchildren. And now, I am motivated more than ever to work and pray hard to save a baby and another generation one at a time.
God forgive us for not thinking of life as He does.   
His for Life
Polly Isinghood, Exec. Director  

We are so thankful for our volunteers!  Pray for them as they minister to young women who need help.

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Telephone – (817) 560-2226
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Connie Gamble, our Assistant Director, and Sandy Eyler, Administrative Assistant, participated in Central Market’s community outreach called “Feast of Sharing” on November 6 at the Will Rogers Memorial Coliseum. Although this has been held in Dallas in the past, this was the first such event held in Fort Worth. There were 40 non-profit organizations and churches who joined together to share their services with those who attended. Over 5,000 people were fed a wonderful Thanksgiving meal. We praise God for another opportunity to minister truth to others. 


God says to “Reach out to others and spread the word” and Jennifer Bass intends to do just that as an instructor for the GET REAL program that teaches teens how to make the right choices, for life! 

Along with relationship building classes, it also encourages teens to W.A.I.T. for sex. Although Jennifer is quick to point out that this is a program that encompasses so much more than abstinence.  Jennifer hopes to bring GET REAL into the local schools and present it to youth groups.

Jennifer, who was once a client of the Pregnancy Help Center (twenty five years ago), chose to raise her daughter alone as a single parent. She joined us as a counselor in February of this year
Her decision to join the PHC team came after bringing her daughter to the Center for a pregnancy test and was impressed with the staff and volunteers and how they helped her daughter when her daughter’s financial resources were limited. Without money for a doctor’s visit during the first months of pregnancy, a free sonogram put her mind at rest when she saw her daughter for the first time and Hayden Avery-Nicole was born July 9, 2012.

With God’s guidance, and support from the staff and volunteers at the Pregnancy Help Center, Jennifer will be meeting with teens and spreading God’s word.  

Our parenting classes have been full this year, sometimes overflowing into the hallways, and we praise God for the opportunity to minister to parents. Some come reluctantly (ordered by a judge) others want to learn better parenting skills, some simply want the free diapers offered at the end of the class. Whatever the reason, our dedicated teachers, Debbie and Brenda offer biblical teaching through Dr. Dobson's parenting seminar both in English and Spanish.
This is what some parents say they have learned:
  • How to look at things from a child’s point of view.

  • It has helped to have a better understanding of parenting

Something to Think About
By rejecting Christianity and its moral framework, Western liberal democracies are in grave peril of collapsing upon themselves. They will no longer be able to preserve human rights and liberties. What comes next is tyranny. 
Chuck Colson
v  Abortion  
v  Euthanasia
v  Human Cloning
v   Embryonic Stem Cell Research
v  Same Sex Unions   
Even though 1 out of every 4 deaths in America is caused by abortion,
Even though we have lost 64 times more Americans from abortion than we lost in all 12 of our wars,
Even though 4 out of every 10 unplanned pregnancies are terminated by Abortion . . . The Pregnancy Help Center will strive to save one baby at a time as long as God permits.                                         
(facts taken from Morning Glory-The Bible Friend-August 2012)

Our gratitude goes out to partners of this ministry that have helped in so many ways. 
May God bless all of you for helping us to plant seeds of righteousness.
We are grateful for the loyal churches who have given faithfully each month for several years.

We are thankful to those who helped to underwrite our Banquet and/or meet the $1,000 challenge made by our Emcee which was designated for new furniture in the Center.

Brett & Lana Austin    
Azle Lazerwash
Rob Bielefledt    
Dr & Mrs. David Capper
Christ the Redeemer Church 
Cowtown Gear  
Bob & Shirley Doran
Billie Dorris given In Memory of her husband
Keith & Jan Dunvant
Henry & Linda Harris
Travis & Andrea Hawkins
Richard & Gina Headrick
Bill & Laura Heinrich
Bob & Polly Isinghood
Larry & Becky Knox 
Darrin Walker in memory of baby Noah
Bob & Karen Kramer
Tom & Franki Locke
John & Kerry Lundelius  
Bob & Sue Mallory&nbsp
William & May Meintjes
Jim & Bobbie Nicholls
Roger Norman 
Psalms 25:10 Foundation
Larry & Margaret Randall
       Jim & Fay Sammons 
       Mike and Nancy Skaff 
      Bill and Maggie Suggs
      Dan Suggs
      Tim & Sandi Sullivan
      Lee Weaver  
     Tim & Carolyn Weeden

The mission of the Pregnancy Help Center is to minister to the whole woman by providing for her physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.  It is our goal to offer her hope and wholeness through the Truth of Christ that is shown in our ministry of giving and support.

Statistics for 2012
Total Clients
Preg. Test
At Risk Pregnancy
Babies Born
At Risk Babies Born
Clients Given Supplies
Class Attendees

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