The Pregnancy Help Center opened its doors in July 1986, It was founded by a group of concerned citizens in the Fort Worth community who saw a need to provide information and counsel to women experiencing unplanned pregnancies. Today, the PHC ministers to the whole woman, her children and her family. Through our various programs, PHC endeavors to meet the physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs of the women in our community.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Volunteer Spotlight

Pat is one of our nurses who joined the volunteers at the Pregnancy Help Center six years ago. She remembers the very old sonogram machine that was donated the Center at that time.
Born in Gainesville, Texas, Pat moved to Fort Worth when she was five years old and has a son, grandson, three stepchildren and seven step-grandchildren.
She remembers fighting with the old sonogram machine one morning and the resulting pictures were fuzzy. A young girl, who had made up her mind to have an abortion, agreed to have an ultrasound and Pat was concerned that she wouldn't be able to show her the baby, but suddenly the picture was clear and the baby waved his hand.  The young girl changed her mind and chose to keep her child. We all have times of doubt and Pat says to remember that the Lord is always with you and will provide.
Pat is grateful to be working with kind and wonderful ladies. She says they have such a good time with one another and provide lots of love and encouragement.

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