The Pregnancy Help Center opened its doors in July 1986, It was founded by a group of concerned citizens in the Fort Worth community who saw a need to provide information and counsel to women experiencing unplanned pregnancies. Today, the PHC ministers to the whole woman, her children and her family. Through our various programs, PHC endeavors to meet the physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs of the women in our community.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Volunteer Spotlight

Randi joined the Pregnancy Help Center as a Nurse Manager in March 2010 and has been an integral part of our team. Randi, a registered nurse, operates our ultrasound, giving women a chance to see their baby for the first time.
Unplanned pregnancies have affected her family, but she knows that God has created each child for a purpose and she wanted to show moms and families what a blessing the child is that's growing.
Born in Tennessee, she moved to Texas and attended Seminary, but after returning to her hometown, she married and the two of them moved back to Texas. They have one precious daughter.
One particular event Randi remembers was when a woman came to the center whose boyfriend wanted her to abort the baby. They saw the gestational sac (at around 5 weeks), but Randi was also able to pick up the baby's heartbeat at 120 bpm. At that point the boyfriend's face showed surprise. "That's a heartbeat?" he asked and then changed his mind about pushing his girlfriend to abort.
Randi wants each of the girls who come into the center to be freed from the lies they have heard and to point out to them freedom that Christ promises.
Randi was truly an answer to prayer and each day she shows young girls what life looks like before their child is born. We're all blessed to have Randi as part of our team.

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